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S.N.Global is the all India Distributor for Smoke Solution Aps, Denmark. The Smoke Point Smoking Cabins are Ideal for Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Bars & Pubs etc.They make socialising for non - smokers enjoyable with smokers without the risk of passive smoking. Ours is the only solution that works 100% in Air Conditioned area as it stops the spread of harmful nicotine and annoying foul odour. Since there is no ducting required, there is no need to throw the smoke filled air in the atmosphere and the cooled air after purification is recirculated in the same area. This saves energy cost in re-cooling and there is no pollution to the environment thereby making smoke point a green technology product.
  Hotels & Restaurants
Avoid Losses in turnover...
  Offices & Industries
Save time & money. Let people stay near their workstations....
Replace prohibition with intelligent design....
  Other Public Places
Increase footfalls....

Member Indian Green Building Council

No  Throwing of Cool Air Outside – Saving Energy
Fully Automatic -  Sensor Based – Saves Energy
No usage of Elevator for going for Smoking
Not Polluting the Atmosphere by throwing Smoke Filled & Polluted Air Outside

ACREX Award of Excellence for Best Product for Indoor Air Quality. 

An Award judged by ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers)

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